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Gujarat tops SKOCH State of Governance 2019 ranking

Gujarat replaced West Bengal as the top governed state in the 2019 SKOCH Rankings. While there are 22 parameters that go into the overall ranking, health and cleanliness dominated the good governance initiatives across the country in 2019, says the report. Poll-bound Delhi was at the 19th place, lower than 15th spot it occupied in the previous two years. Delhi is ranked fifth on the parameter of health, one of its main claims of governance.

Gujarat, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu were the top five “Star States”, according to the report. “The states where projects have performed the best in terms of rankings across different parameters have been classified as STARS”, the report added.

Key Highlights of the Rankings

  • The study assesses 935 state-level projects and programmes, with the performance of each project adding to a state’s weightage in the ranking.
  • Gujarat tops the list with 104 projects, followed by Maharashtra with 50 projects. West Bengal, with 20 projects, finishes third. Tamil Nadu is ranked at the second place on the governance criterion while Maharashtra and Rajasthan are jointly at No. 3.
  • Gujarat is also ranked the highest in terms of e-governance, and third on municipal governance. Some of the other parameters used to assess the performance of states were police and safety, tourism and culture, and finance.
  • Telangana tops the list on police and safety while Tamil Nadu scores the highest on the finance criterion. Gujarat is ranked No. 1 on tourism and culture.

About the SKOCH Rankings

SKOCH State of Government report is one of the most awaited and discussed publications on the state of governance in the country. The focus on primary data and grassroot level interventions makes it unique. This year the traditional frontrunner Gujarat has occupied the top spot, replacing West Bengal that had sprung a surprise in 2018. The report lists the best and the rest of Indian states on the basis of their performance.

SOURCE: Business Standard, inclusion.skoch.in

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