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In this article we will be diverting our attention towards the most underrated paper in the UPSC Mains Examination. Yes….You got it! The Language Papers!! “Tips and Strategies for Language Papers”. If you are new here, follow the trail on “The Race to UPSC CSE 2022”

Some aspirants might think, what is there to discuss regarding this paper? It is only a qualifying paper and that too languages only, English and any other language of your choice.

But friends, here lies the catch. Every year almost 800-900 aspirants, writing the mains, flunk these papers. Result, even their GS marks are not revealed. One whole year preparation and you couldn’t even get to know where you stand as far as the GS papers are concerned! This is bound to pinch and we know you guys would never want to experience such a situation. It’s better to prepare in a tactical and smart manner so that such a mistake never happens.

Let’s see what UPSC has to say about the paper:

‘The aim of the paper is to test the candidates’ ability to read and understand serious discursive prose, and to express his ideas clearly and correctly, in English and Indian Language concerned’.

The instruction is the guiding light, for those taking the paper lightly. Although it is a qualifying paper, marks of which will not be added up in the count for the final list. You can pass the paper by securing a minimum of 30% of the total marks allotted to the paper. A minimum of 90-100 marks out of 300.

Nothing out of the box needs to get through the paper. All that required is a proper 10-15 days preparation aimed at recalling what all you studied during school days. The questions asked are of 10th level standard. It includes grammar, short essays, translations, reading comprehensions, vocabs etc.

There are certain tips and strategies, you can adhere to while preparing the exam. These include:

  • Select your language paper judiciously. It is advisable that you select the paper which you read in your school days.
  • Brush up the basics of the paper like the grammar and vocabs,
  • Go through the previous year papers. Solving the papers only reduce almost 50% of your workload.
  • Apart from the standard newspaper, devote atleast 15 minutes in going through the newspaper for your language.
  • Watching the news channel of your language will help you pick up certain cliché vocabs which can be used in answer writing,
  • Prepare essays on certain topics beforehand. Topics may include about the country, economy, democracy, women empowerment.
  • Study and write down answers. If you have not been in touch with the language after school days, get the basics and work on your writing speed and handwriting as well. Writing neat and cleanly helps immensely.

Tips and Strategies for the Paper

  • Go through the questions very carefully at the exam.
  • Give preference to those questions in which you are confident and comfortable enough. No point in trying to attempt all the questions.
  • Reading comprehensions are relatively easier. Don’t miss out on those.
  • While writing the essay, opt for simple and lucid language. This better be attempted in the last with half an hour left for the exam to complete.
  • Language competency should be given utmost importance. Avoid making spelling and grammatical errors.
  • The questions asking for translations should be dealt with cautiously. Keep it as simple as possible.

The preparation for the language papers should not in any way be compromised with that of the GS papers. But be prepared, atleast 15-20 minutes a day will suffice. These things you have studied well in school days. You just need to recall and replicate those bygones. Just keep calm in the actual exam and you will sail through.

If you still have apprehensions then recall only the one thing which we have been repeating all throughout the series i.e.

“Read, Re-read, Write, Revise, Repeat”

Stay tuned for further updates in the series…..
Till then…..Think Positive, Stay Healthy…..!!!!!!

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