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Digital Personal Data protection Bill

[ Syllabus- GS Paper -2,3 government policies and interventions, cyber security]

Context- The Union government  informed the supreme court  that the new bill will be tabled in the monsoon session  of parliament.

 Key highlights:

  •   The  Digital Personal Data protection Bill  2022   by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology aims to enforce individual privacy in the online space.
  •  The new bill is to replace the current Information Technology (Reasonable Security  Practices and Procedures and Sensitive  Personal Data or Information ) rule of 2011.
  •   The bill aims to balance the rights of individuals  by protecting their personal data and their need to process it for lawful purposes.

 About the bill:

  •  It defines  Data as a ‘ representation of ,facts,information, concepts, opinions or instructions in a way  suitable  for interpretation,communication  or processing by humans or automated means.
  •  The bill defines  Data  fiduciary – the persons who determine the purpose and means of processing of personal data. Example the central government
  •  Data principal  – the individual to whom the personal data is related , incase of children below 18 years their parents/ lawful guardians serve as their data principal.
  •  Data processor – any person who processes  personal data on behalf of the data fiduciary.
  •  The bill also deals with the  data localisation i.e  digital personal data  collected and digitized within India.
  •  The bill grants the individuals some rights like right to seek information, erase ,seek correction and grievance redressal.
  •  The bill calls for the central government to establish a Data Protection Board of  india.
  •    Right to  privacy is a fundamental right in 2017 under article 21- protection of life and personal liberty.
  • Important judgments on privacy

 Justice K  S Puttaswamy  case, Navtej  johar case and Ors , Joseph shine case  Vs. Union of India.


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