Static Quiz

Static Quiz 13th August

1. Which of the following posts cannot be taken by the Chairman/members of Lokpal postretirement?

1. He cannot take any diplomatic assignment.
2. He cannot be appointed as administrator to a Union Territory.
3. He cannot take any constitutional / statutory post in which appointment is made by President.


2. Auditing of which of the following documents come under the ambit of CAG?

1. Examine the regularity, propriety, economy, efficiency and effectiveness of expenditure Transactions relating to debt.
2. Profit and loss accounts and balance sheets kept under the order of the President or Governors.
3. Audits the books of accounts of the government companies as per Companies Act.


3. Consider the following statements with reference to the distinction between Nation and Nationality

1.Nation gives an idea of sentiment; nationality gives an idea of an organization.
2. Nationality is basically a cultural term; Nation is basically a political term.
3. Nationality precedes nation.
4. Nationality is basically a political term; Nation is basically a cultural term.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?


4. Consider the following statements related to the provision of Constitutional Amendment:

1. The power to initiate an amendment to the Constitution lies with the Parliament similar to USA.
2. In India, the power to initiate an amendment to the Constitution cannot be initiated by the state legislature in any circumstances.
3. Like USA, in India only in few cases the consent of only half of state legislatures is required to amend some parts of the Constitution.
4. In India, there is no provision for holding a joint sitting of both the Houses of Parliament if there is a deadlock over the passage of a constitutional amendment bill.

Which of the above statements are incorrect?


5. Which of the following statements is/are correct with respect to the Monarchial form of political system?

1. Constitutional Monarchial is a form of political system in which the monarch has the ultimate say in matters of government, not restricted by constitutions or parliaments.

2. The non-sovereign monarchial politicalsystem is run by a small group of people.

3. Grand Duchy, the form of Monarchy, is present in Luxembourg only.


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