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Norway tops 2021 Democracy Index of 167 countries released by EIU

With the highest score of 9.75, Norway topped the Democracy Index 2021 by Economist Intelligence. 

The list was published on February 10, 2022. India scored 6.91 to rank 46th on the list.

Key Highlights

  • Since the year 2006, the Economist Intelligence has been bringing forth the state of democracy worldwide in around 165 independent nations and two territories through its democracy index. 


  • The last year’s democracy index was published on February 10, 2022. Like every other year, it is based on the clearly stated five categories, i.e. electoral process and pluralism, functioning of the government, political participation, political culture and last but not least, civil liberties. 


  • According to these categories, the list has been further bifurcated into three categories encompassing nations that enjoy full democracy, flawed democracy, hybrid regime and authoritarian regime.


  • India with a rank of 46 found its presence in the flawed democracy segment. If you are sad thinking about it, then you should also know that the USA has also been placed as a nation with flawed democracy. 


  • Pakistan has been placed further below in the hybrid regime with a rank of 104. But we are not here to discuss these countries. 


SOURCE: The Hindu

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