OCS Prelims-2021, GS-1: Answer Key - Download

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MCQs 08.11.2022

1. The State of Food and Agriculture report is a flagship report of which of the following organisations?


2. Consider the following statements with reference to India Infrastructure Project Development Fund Scheme.

  1. The Scheme was set up in 2007 as a Centrally sponsored scheme.
  2. It has been made available to the Sponsoring Authorities for PPP projects for meeting the project development costs.
  3. The scheme aims at providing financial support for quality project development activities.

Which of the above statements is or are correct?


3. In which of the PPP model ownership of the newly built facility will rest with the private party?


4. Which of the following are the sub schemes of the National Bioenergy Programme?

  1. Waste to Energy Programme
  2. Biomass Programme 
  3. Waste management Programme
  4. Biogas Programme

5. What was introduced in the 103rd Constitutional Amendment, which was seen in the news recently?


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