Current Affairs Quiz

Current Affairs Quiz – 1st April 2024

1. What is the duration of validity for the GAET (General Authorization for Export and Transfer) issued for exporting or re-exporting SCOMET (Special Chemicals, Organisms, Materials, Equipment, and Technologies) items after the government relaxed export restrictions on dual-use telecom equipment and information security software?


2. In the first half of FY25, the government plans to borrow Rs 7.5 lakh crores from the market, including Rs 12,000 crore through Sovereign Green Bonds. Additionally, what is the maturity period of the new dated security recently introduced by the Centre?


3. India has witnessed a decrease in new tuberculosis infections by 16% and mortality by 18% since 2015. According to recent reports, which state has observed the highest increase in TB case notifications, even though the overall notifications have risen by over 50% annually for the past nine years?


4. India has allocated a second tranche of ₹500 crores to support infrastructure development in the GyalSung Project of which country?


5. In which edition of the Governance Now PSU Conference & Awards 2024 did CMD/RailTel receive the CMD Leadership Award?


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