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Static Quiz – 15th November 2022

1. Consider the following statements about a European Country:

  1. This country is poorly endowed with natural resources compared to most other Western European countries.
  2. Mountainous terrain and an unfavorably dry climate make the country poorly suited for farming.
  3. There are no significant deposits of coal or iron ore.
  4. It is also divided between an agriculturally and industrially well-endowed north and a much poorer south.
  5. Even with the above mentioned limitations, it rates as one of the world’s most important industrial powers.

The above refer to?


2. Which of the following canal connects the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west?


3. Which of the following are landlocked states in Europe?


4. Consider the following statements:

Assertion (A): No river drains in the Arctic Ocean.

Reason (R): Arctic Ocean is at a higher average elevation than the Northern Hinterland of Eurasia.

In the context of the above, which of these is correct?


5. The straits nearest to the International Date Line is:


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