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Prelims Focus – 3rd April 2024


Recent News:

PM-SUMAN stands for Prime Minister Surakshit Matritva Aashwasan, and it is an initiative aimed at achieving zero preventable deaths of mothers and newborns. 


  • The PM SUMAN scheme is an initiative by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare in India. 
  • Its goal is to offer free and high-quality healthcare to pregnant women, newborns, and mothers for up to six months after delivery. 
  • The scheme focuses on providing assured and dignified healthcare services. 
  • Pregnant women and newborns can access free services at public health facilities, such as antenatal check-ups, safe delivery, and postnatal care. 
  • Comprehensive Care combines various existing initiatives such as JSSK, PMSMA, LaQshya, and FRUs to provide a seamless continuum of care. Providing respectful maternity care involves ensuring privacy, dignity, and support for breastfeeding. 
  • Transportation will be provided free of charge for individuals to travel from their homes to healthcare facilities and back home again after being discharged. 
  • This program provides access to early detection and treatment of pregnancy-related problems at no cost.
  • Public health facilities offer free delivery and C-section services to expectant mothers.
  • It guarantees that pregnant women and children will not be denied services, period.


Recent News:

Muslims around the world prepare for tarawih prayers following the sighting of the crescent moon in multiple Indian cities.


  • Tarawih, also known as taraweeh, is a voluntary prayer performed during the Islamic month of Ramadan. 
  • It involves reading long portions of the Quran and completing multiple cycles of prostrations. The word “taraweeh” comes from an Arabic word meaning “to rest and relax.” 
  • This prayer is performed after the evening’s final daily prayer and has its origins in the last year of Prophet Mohammed’s life. 
  • Initially, people prayed taraweeh individually or in small groups, but later it became a communal prayer led by one imam. 
  • The number of rakats, or cycles of prayer, started at 8 but eventually increased to 20. However, during the reign of Caliph Omar bin Abdulaziz, the inhabitants of Medina recited tarawih for 36 rakats. 
  • Praying taraweeh is believed to have many rewards, including the forgiveness of past sins.

Swell Waves

In News: Swell waves inundated coastal areas in central and southern districts of Kerala .

    • The phenomenon of Swell waves, referred to as ‘Kallakkadal’ regionally.
    • ‘Kallakkadal’ is a colloquial term used by Kerala fishermen to consult the freaky flooding episodes. In 2012 UNESCO formally accepted this term for essential use. 
    • During ‘Kallakkadal events,’ the ocean surges into the land inflicting inundation.
  • About Swell Wave
    • The waves in an evolved sea outrun the storm that creates them, traveling higher distances from the wind source and increasing and decreasing in top in the system.
    • These lower frequency waves are called swell waves. 
    • They are able to travel thousands of miles unchanged in height and length.
    • The longer the wave, the quicker it travels.
    • As waves leave a cyclone region, they generally tend to kind themselves out with the long ones beforehand of the short ones, and the power is simultaneously spread out over an increasingly large area.


In News: Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has recently unveiled an upgraded 2.0 version of SCORES.

  • SEBI Complaint Redressal System (SCORES) is a web device wherein buyers in the securities market can motel their court cases via web URL and an app. It was launched in June 2011.
  • The SCORE 2.0 makes the platform more efficient through vehicle-routing, vehicle-escalation, tracking by the designated bodies and limitation of timelines.
  • The new version affords tiers of assessment– first evaluation with the aid of the ‘Designated Body’, if the investor is disappointed with the decision provided by the concerned regulated entity, and 2nd review by Sebi if the investor remains dissatisfied after the primary assessment.

Cyber Slavery

In News: MEA has rescued many Indians from Cambodia who were trapped to do cyber slavery.

  • It is the exploitation and abuse of individuals through different methods, regularly concerning pressured hard work or human trafficking facilitated by technology.
  • In this people are coerced, manipulated, or deceived into acting responsibilities or services towards their will or under duress, commonly for the benefit of others.
  • It is a prepared crime of exceptional severity and scale.
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