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Prelims Focus – 23rd February 2024

1.Umbrella Scheme on “Safety of Women”

Recent News:

The Union Cabinet approved the proposal of the Ministry of Home Affairs to continue the implementation of the Umbrella Scheme.

About The Scheme:

  • The Government of India plans to continue various projects under the “Safety of Women” scheme from 2021-22 to 2025-26. 
  • The projects include the emergency response support system, upgrading forensic laboratories, strengthening DNA analysis and cyber forensic capacities, preventing cyber crimes against women and children, training investigators and prosecutors in sexual assault cases, and establishing women help desks and anti-human trafficking units. 
  • The government will provide a total of Rs. 1179.72 crore for these projects, with Rs. 885.49 crore from its own budget and Rs. 294.23 crore from the Nirbhaya Fund. 
  • The aim of these projects is to improve the safety of women and enhance the investigation and prevention of crimes against them. 

2.Rani Chennamma

Recent news:

In honor of the 200th anniversary of Rani Chennamma’s rebellion, various social groups in India are coming together to launch a nationwide campaign called “Naanoo Rani Chennamma” (I am Rani Chennamma too).


This campaign seeks to empower women to stand up against oppressive forces in society, taking inspiration from the bravery and defiance shown by Rani Chennamma.

Rani Chennamma:

  • Rani Chennamma, the Queen of Kittur, was a key figure in the Kittur revolt of 1824, which was one of the first instances of a woman leading a resistance against British colonial rule in India. 
  • Born in 1778 in what is now Karnataka, she married the ruler of Kittur and became instrumental in protecting her kingdom following his passing.
  • She rebelled against the British when they refused to accept her adopted son as the rightful successor due to the ‘doctrine of lapse’.
  • Rani Chennamma led a successful resistance against the British at Kittur Fort, but was eventually captured in 1824. 
  • She was imprisoned and died in 1829, but her courage and leadership in fighting colonial rule have made her an important figure in Indian history, especially in Karnataka.

Rip Currents

In News: Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) and Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to monitor and issue operational forecast alerts of rip currents.

    • Rip currents are strong, narrow, seaward flows of water that extend from close to the shoreline to outdoor of the surf area. 
    • They are observed on nearly any beach with breaking waves and act as “rivers of the ocean,” moving sand, marine organisms, and different cloth offshore.
    • They are a not unusual and probably dangerous coastal phenomenon. 
  • Cause of Rip currents
    • These currents frequently shape while waves spoil near the coastline. 
    • Submerged systems along with sandbars, jetties, or reefs alter the flow of water, creating channels in which currents can expand.
    • As waves technique the shore, they will converge and create imbalances in water distribution, leading to the formation of channels through which excess water flows back to the ocean.

Samakka Saralamma Jatara

In News: Telangana health department has recently issued an advisory to devotees planning to attend the Sammakka-Saralamma Jatara in Mulugu district.

    • It is one among the largest tribal festivals in the world celebrated within the Indian State of Telangana. 
    • It is also called Medaram Jatara and is held every year.
    • It begins with the advent of the deities from the forest to a spot for a duration of 10-12 days.
    • More than one crore devotees offer prayers and present ‘bangaram’, that is natural jaggery, to the deities.
  • Significance:
    • It commemorates the brave fight of a mother-daughter duo, Sammakka and Saralamma, against the Kakatiya rulers who imposed taxes on the tribal humans during a duration of drought in the twelfth century.
    • The Koya community constructed this temple as a token of gratitude.


In News: The Maritime Technical Exposition( MTEX-24) stands as a special attraction in the MILAN 2024 in Visakhapatnam.

    • It is a 3-day exposition and fosters collaboration and knowledge exchange between industry leaders, researchers, and defence experts 
    • It showcases the latest advancements in naval technology viz shipbuilding, conversation systems, cybersecurity, and sustainable energy solutions.
  • Importance:
    • It can be driving technological advancements and strengthening professional relations with friendly foreign navies.
    • It will propel the Indian maritime industry forward, contributing to a greater secure and prosperous future.
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