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Operation Garuda

Topic- Important Institutions [GS Paper-2]

Context- Recently the Central Bureau of Investigation has launched a multi-phase ‘Operation Garuda’ against illicit drug trafficking network, registering 127 new cases, arresting 175 people and seizing huge quantities of narcotic drugs.

Key Highlights 

  • The multi-phase exercise code-named “Operation Garuda” has been launched to take apart the drug smuggling networks with international linkages with coordinated enforcement actions across the world, through the Interpol.
  • According to the CBI records, the operation has so far resulted in the registration of 127 cases and arrests along with the seizure of huge quantities of narcotics. 
  • Apart from the CBI and the NCB, the police in eight States and Union Territory, including Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Delhi and Manipur have also participated in the operation.

Operation Garuda 

  • The operation has been initiated in close coordination with Interpol and Narcotics Control Bureau, for combating the smuggling of illicit drugs and psychotropic substances, with special focus on the Indian Ocean region.
  • Drug trafficking networks with international linkages require a strict law enforcement cooperation across international jurisdiction.
  • The objective of the operation was to disrupt, degrade and take apart drug networks with international linkages through rapid exchange of criminal intelligence on drug trafficking and coordinated law enforcement actions across international jurisdiction through Interpol.


  • The International Criminal Police Organisation, or Interpol, is a 194-member intergovernmental organisation.
  • Its headquarter is established at Lyon, France.
  • Interpol came into existence in 1923 as the International Criminal Police Commission, and started calling itself Interpol in 1956.
  • India joined the organisation in 1949, and it is one of its oldest members.
  • Interpol’s declared global policing goals include
    • Countering terrorism, promoting border integrity worldwide, 
    • protection of vulnerable communities,
    • providing a secure cyberspace for people and businesses, 
    • curbing illicit markets, supporting environment security,
    • promoting global integrity.
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