Static Quiz

Static Quiz 9th July

1. In the Continental Drift Theory, Wegener suggested that the movement responsible for the drifting of the continents was caused by pole-fleeing force and tidal force. What is pole- fleeing force?


2. Which of the following statement regarding protostar is correct?


3. Mizoram is known as “Molasses basin”. What is it made up of?


4. In the context of agricultural revolution in India, which of the following statements is/ are correct?

  1. White revolution is associated with modernization of sheep and dairy farming.
  2. Second green revolution is associated with development of horticulture.
  3. Blue revolution is associated with improvement in the production of fish and marine products.

5. Which of the following statement is/are true?

  1. Rotation of earth and its tilted axis is responsible for changes in season.
  2. Cloudiness means more insolation for earth.
  3. More the green house gases more will be the insolation.

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