Static Quiz

Static Quiz 8th July

1. What prevents the media from being independent and fair?

  1. Government controls them through censorship.
  2. Media channels are run and managed by business houses for the sake of profit.
  3. Media lacks technology and manpower to work independently.

2. Which of the following statements is/are true about ‘putting-out-system’ in market?

  1. In this system, merchant supplies raw materials and receives finished products.
  2. This system in market works more in the favor of cottage & small scale industries.
  3. This system is widely prevalent in weaving industry in India.

3. Which of the following statements is/are correctly matched?

  1. Prejudice – means to judge other people through pre-conceived opinion either favourable or unfavourable.
  2. Stereotypes – means to fix others into one particular criterion based on their religion, caste, gender, etc.
  3. Discrimination – is the action part of the prejudice and stereotype mentality.

4. What does the word “state” in “INDIAN STATE” depicts in the Constitution?


5. Consider the following statements related to the Public Interest Litigation:

  1. Public Interest Litigation is an explicit provision of the constitution which the Supreme Court adheres to.
  2. A letter written to the Supreme Court can be admitted as a petition.
  3. It allows any individual or organisation to file a PIL in the High Court or the Supreme Court on behalf of those whose rights are being violated.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?


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