Static Quiz

Static Quiz – 3rd July 2024

1. With reference to the Quit India Movement, the Vidyut Vahinis were:


2. Consider the following statements

  1. He presided over the All India Trade Union Congress.
  2. He was convinced that the only key to the solution of India’s problems lies in socialism.
  3. He was elected one of the honorary presidents of the Brussels Conference along with Albert Einstein.

He was:


3. Regarding the Delhi manifesto, which of the following statements is correct?


4. Consider the following with reference to the Regulating Act of 1773:

  1. A new post of Governor of Bengal was created.
  2. The Act prevented the Governor-General from receiving directly or indirectly any gifts in kind or Cash

Which of the statements given above is/are incorrect?


5. The discovery of First rock paintings in India have been found at


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