Static Quiz

Static Quiz 3rd August


  1. Which of the following statements explain the characteristic differences of a wetland from a lake?
  2. Wetlands are wind regulated but Lakes are thermally regulated.
  3. Wetlands are mainly permanent water bodies akin to lakes.
  4. Biomass productivity of Wetlands is high as compared to lakes.
  5. The water in lakes is standing whereas Wetlands can have static or flowing water.

Select the correct answer using the codes given below:



  1. Which of the following are the components of ‘Intensification of Forest Management Scheme’?
  2. Forest fire control.
  3. Building Roads and watch towers.
  4. Control and Eradication of Forest Invasive Species.
  5. Conservation of sacred groves.
  6. Firearms and communication infrastructure.


  1. Marine Protected Areas restrict human activity for a conservation purpose, typically to protect natural or cultural resources. Which of the following Marine Protected Area in India and its State is/are correctly matched?
  2. Chorao Island – Goa
  3. Haliday Island – West Bengal
  4. Mahatma Gandhi Marine – Gujarat
  5. Oliver Island – Odisha


  1. Light intensity, light duration and light quality control a number of life processes of organism. Which of the following activities is/are related to that phenomenon?
  2. Photosynthesis
  3. Bird Migration
  4. Leaf Fall and Dormancy
  5. Flowering


  1. Coral reefs are large underwater structures composed of the skeletons of coral, which are marine invertebrate animals. Which of the following are the potential threats to the existence of Coral Reefs?
  2. Ocean acidification
  3. Blast fishing
  4. Sunscreens use by swimmers
  5. Agricultural run-offs

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