Static Quiz

Static Quiz 23rd July

1. Which of the following species are found inTropical Thorn forests?

  1. Semul
  2. Tendu
  3.  Khejri
  4.  Palas
  5.  Khair

2. Pin Valley National Park and Simbalbara National Park are situated in which of the following state?


3. Consider the following statements related to the features of cold front:

  1. The stable cold front forms cumulonimbus clouds.
  2. As the cold front approaches, the atmospheric pressure drops.

Which of the above stated characteristics is/are correct?


4. Which of the following is true about Himalayan rivers ?

  1. Himalayan rivers are antecedent ones.
  2. These are in their old stage.
  3. Their sources of water are in glaciers only

5. The agro-ecological regions of India are characterized on which of the following parameters?

  1. Potential evapotranspiration
  2. Physiographic features
  3. Climatic features
  4. Range of biodiversity

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