Static Quiz

Static Quiz 22nd July

1. In democratic politics, pressure groups are a general phenomenon. These pressure groups can be defined as:


2. In an Indian democratic setup, the judiciary is:


3. Consider the following statements regarding a Constitutional Amendment Bill:

  1. If the Constitutional Amendment Bill is not passed by one of the houses of the parliament, the bill will be lapsed.
  2. Constitutional Amendment cannot be introduced by private member.

Which of the above statement(s) is/ are true?


4. Regarding the distribution of powers between center and state, which of the following statement is incorrect?


5. In a democratic society what are the reasons behind the prevailing inequality among different players in the market?

  1. Big businessmen have huge capital to run an enterprise.
  2. Poor people depend on rich merchants for loans, employment, raw materials, etc.
  3. Various cooperatives have been formed which tries to exert monopoly in the market.

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