Static Quiz

Static Quiz 20th July

1. “Climate is continental type with extreme temperatures, annual rainfall is moderate, ideal for growth of grass and the people have successfully harnessed technology to utilize their rich natural resources.” The above statement best describes which of the following regions?


2. Consider the following statements related to the ozone:

  1. Ozone near the surface (in the troposphere) is called as “bad” ozone.
  2. Ozone is the air pollutant as well as green house gas.
  3. Ozone contributes to the stability and instability in the air.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?


3. Under which of the following conditions condensation will take place?

  1. When the temperature of the air is reduced to dew point without changing its volume.
  2. When both the volume and the temperature are reduced.
  3. When Moisture is removed from the air through precipitation.

4. Which of the following statement correctly defines the term Dew?


5. The definition of ‘Stillbirth’ as recommended by World Health Organisation for international comparison is:


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