Static Quiz

Static Quiz 16th July

1. Which of the following statements related to the concept of Seasonal hunger is correct?


2. Which of the following statements correctly state the contribution of Mahalanobis to the Indian Economy?

  1. He had established the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) in Calcutta.
  2. He had started a journal, Sankhya, which served as forum for statisticians.
  3. During Second Five-Year Plan, he had encouraged for the development of small scale industry in India.

3. Among the following, which is/are the effects of globalization on the Indian industry?

  1. Greater competition in product market.
  2. Increment in job opportunities for unskilled labors

Select the correct answer from below given options:


4. Which of the following statements related to the estimation of National Income is/are correct?

  1. Dadabhai Naoroji had prepared the first estimates of National income.
  2. VKRV Rao used scientific procedure in estimating the national income.
  3. Findlay Shirras applied a combination of census of output and census of income methods for calculating National Income.

5. Women, children in a poor family are regarded as the poorest of the poor because:


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