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Prelims Focus 10th July 2024

World Zoonoses day

In News: World Zoonoses Day is observed annually on July 6th to raise awareness about zoonotic diseases – diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans. 

  • The day commemorates the successful administration of the first rabies vaccine by French biologist Louis Pasteur on July 6, 1885.
  • The theme for World Zoonoses Day 2024 is “One World, One Health: Prevent Zoonoses”, emphasising the need to break the transmission cycle and prevent future pandemics like COVID-19.
  • Zoonotic diseases are caused by pathogens like viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and parasites that can spread directly through contact with infected animals or indirectly through contaminated food, water, or vectors like ticks and mosquitoes. Prevention requires a “One Health” approach integrating human, animal, and environmental health.
  • Individual prevention measures include avoiding contact with wild animals, properly cooking food, and using insect repellent. Investing in comprehensive health insurance can also ensure timely access to medical care if infected.

Kalasa-Banduri Project

In news : The Karnataka government criticised the Goa government after a central body inspected the halted Kalasa-Banduri canal project on the Mahadayi River along the border between the two states. The probe allegedly revealed lies told by Goa’s chief minister Pramod Sawant.

  • The Kalasa-Banduri project is an ongoing water diversion project undertaken by the Government of Karnataka to improve drinking water supply to the districts of Belagavi, Bagalkot, Dharwad and Gadag. 
  • The project involves building dams and a canal system to divert water from the Mahadayi River, which originates in Karnataka’s Belagavi district, to the Malaprabha River basin.  
  • The goal is to meet the drinking water needs of the four parched districts in northern Karnataka. 
  • The project has been in the works since the early 1980s but has faced disputes between Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra over the sharing of Mahadayi river waters. 
  • In 2018, a tribunal awarded 13.42 TMC of Mahadayi river water to Karnataka, but the project still requires various clearances from the central government. 

National Security Council

In News: The Union government has restructured the reporting relationships within the National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS). This is a significant development as the NSCS plays a crucial role in advising the government on matters of national security.

  • Established: 1998
  • Purpose: The NSC is the apex frame for considering political, economic, power, and security issues of strategic concern. It formulates national security rules and advises the Prime Minister on their implementation.
  • Structure: The NSC has a three-tiered structure:
  • Strategic Policy Group: This group is liable for long-time period strategic making plans and policy formulas.
  • National Security Advisory Board (NSAB): The NSAB presents expert advice on national security topics.
  • NSC Secretariat (NSCS): The NSCS is accountable for coordinating the work of the NSC and its subsidiary bodies.
  • Leadership: The National Security Advisor (NSA) presides over the NSC and is accountable for supplying the Prime Minister with unbiased and objective checks of national security threats and challenges.
  • Location: The NSC operates within the government office of the Prime Minister of India.
  • Agenda: The NSC’s time table consists of issues of outside and internal security, military affairs, conventional and non-traditional security, and other subjects of strategic importance.

Right to Repair Portal

In News: The Centre recently asked the automobile companies to join the unified Right to Repair Portal India. 

  • The portal was launched by means of the Department of Consumer Affairs to empower clients by providing them with easy access to facts on repairing their merchandise, fostering a round economy, and lowering e-waste.
  • The portal gives consumers with manuals, repair publications, and films for various products, permitting them to understand the repair manner.
  • It discloses statistics on the fee and warranty of spare parts, allowing purchasers to make informed decisions about maintenance.
  • The portal first of all specializes in key sectors like farming system, digital objects, car objects and many others.
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