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Static Quiz

Daily Static Quiz – 24th November 2022

1. Which of these are nearly of equal length?

  1. Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn
  2. Equator and both tropics
  3. Prime Meridian and other longitudes

Select the correct answer using the codes below.


2. Areas lying between the Arctic Circle and the North Pole in the Northern Hemisphere is very cold. It is because:

  1. Earth’s effective radius is lesser at these points.
  2. Sun rises above the horizon in these areas almost the entire year.
  3. Air pressure at these locations is much lesser as compared to lower latitudes.

Select the correct answer using the codes below.


3. The mid-day sun is exactly overhead at least once a year on:


4. Consider the following statement. By measuring the angle of the Pole Star from your place, you can know the __________of your place.

  1. Latitude
  2. Longitude
  3. Altitude

Select the correct answer using the codes below.


5. Earth is largely protected from the solar wind by the:


image_pdfDownload as PDF

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