OCS Prelims-2021, GS-1: Answer Key - Download

Current Affairs Quiz

Current Affairs MCQ -30th September 2022

1. The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, recently seen in the news, is present in which country?


2. Which of the following statements is true with respect to the SEED scheme?


3. Which article of the Indian Constitution safeguards life and liberty by commanding that liberty can be deprived only through the procedure established by law, which must be “just, fair and reasonable” ?


4. Consider the following sentences about Southern Rice Black Streaked Dwarf Virus (SRBSDV).

  1. It is a viral disease that causes ‘dwarfing’ of the plants, infecting the paddy crops.
  2. The Virus was first reported in Southern China in 2001.
  3. It is transmitted by white backed plant hopper migrating through typhoons and strong convection wind, in a persistent circulation and propagative manner.

Which of the above statements are correct.


5. Exercise Yudh Abhyas, one of the largest military training, takes place between which nations?


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