OCS Prelims-2021, GS-1: Answer Key - Download

Current Affairs Quiz

Current Affairs MCQ – 1st October 2022

1. The terms Anubis and Roaming Mantis, recently seen in news are related to


2. Which of the following statements are true about west nile virus?

  1. West Nile virus (WNV) is a single-stranded RNA virus that spreads through infected mosquito bite, and causes West Nile fever.

  2. The earliest known case of the virus was recorded in the West Nile District of  Uganda in 1937.

  3. The virus is not contagious, and there is a rare possibility of human-to-human transmission through blood transfusion or organ transplant.

  4. Also, there are vaccines available to treat infections.

3. The Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation is present near which national park?


4. The ‘National Sports Day’ or Rashtriya Khel Divas is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of which sportsperson?


5. Consider the following statements related to Small Cells.

  1. Small cell is an umbrella term used to describe a miniature radio access point (AP) or wireless network base station with a low radio frequency (RF) power output, footprint and range.
  2. These are low-powered radio access nodes or base stations that have a coverage ranges from a few metres to a few hundred metres.
  3. They are portable, easy to deploy and help provide localised coverage.
  4. Small Cells provide coverage for very short distances and therefore they are
      installed in a large number for good geographical coverage to provide highly
      reliable and high-capacity broadband.

Which of the above statements is or are correct?


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