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CA Quiz 27.03.2023

1. Consider the following statements regarding OneWeb Constellation.

  1. The satellites of OneWeb Constellation are arranged in 12 rings (orbital planes) with 49 satellites in each plane and operate in a LEO Polar Orbit.
  2. The orbital planes tend to be close to the polar region (87.9 degrees).

Select the correct answer using the code given below


2. World’s longest bridge is to be constructed on which river?


3. Consider the following statements :  

  1. Viruses are particles that infect or enter our cells and then use the cell’s genetic machinery to make copies of themselves and subsequently spread to surrounding uninfected cells. 
  2. Cancer cells often have impaired antiviral defenses that make them susceptible to infection 
  3. Oncolytic viruses infect, replicate, in natural cells and cause cancer in the body. 

Which of the statements given above is /are correct?  


4. Which of the following statements correctly defines the levelized cost of hydrogen? 

  1. It is a variable that indicates how much it costs to produce 1 kg of Green Hydrogen. 
  2. It takes into account the estimated costs of the investment required and the cost of operating the assets involved in its production. 
  3. It includes the storage and transportation costs also. 

Choose the correct option from below:


5. What was the theme for World Tuberculosis Day 2023?


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