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CA Quiz 13.02.2023

1. Nord Stream 2, an export gas pipeline recently seen in news is running from


2. Which of the following countries are included in the Nordic countries?

  1. Denmark 
  2. Finland 
  3. Sweden 
  4. Britain 

Select the correct answer using the code below


3. Consider the following statements.

  1. Disinvestment means Selling minority shares of Public Enterprises, to public or private entities.
  2. When the government sells minority shares in a public sector entity, that is called strategic disinvestment. 

Which of the above statements is/are correct?


4. The Lieutenant Governor of Delhi has executive control over certain reserved subjects which include 

  1. Police 
  2. Public order 
  3. Land 
  4. Excise 
  5. Agriculture 

Select the correct answer code


5. Turkey shares a border with which of the following countries 

  1. Bulgaria 
  2. Greece 
  3. Armenia 
  4. Azerbaijan 
  5. Iraq 

Select the correct answer using the code below


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