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91st Interpol General Assembly

Syllabus- Security [GS Paper-3]

Context- In the 91st General Assembly of Interpol, India  urged other member states to ban criminals, criminals and the proceeds of crime.

Key Highlights

  • The general assembly discussed joint action in the fight against organized crime, terrorism, drug trafficking, money laundering, online radicalization, financial crimes based on information networks, etc.  
  • To combat organized crime, the Vienna Declaration was issued, with five priority areas: 
    • The fight against transnational organized crime must become a global national security priority, 
    • Strengthen cooperation in the fight against crime, 
    • Increased information sharing, 
    • Enable frontline policing, 
    • More investment in innovation and technology.  
  • India also supported the adoption of Interpol’s Vision 2030 and the establishment of Interpol’s Future Council.  

What is Interpol?  

  • Interpol is an intergovernmental organization that stands for International Criminal Police Organization.  
  • Background: It was founded in 1923 at the International Police Congress in Vienna as the International Criminal Police Commission (ICPC). In 1956, the ICPC adopted the name Interpol.  
  • Members: It has 196 member states including India.  
  • Headquarters: Lyon, France 
  • Mandate: It connects police officers around the world – both technically and personally. 
    • It is the world’s largest and only organization with the mandate and technical infrastructure to share police data globally. 

Administration of Interpol 

  • The General Secretariat coordinates daily activities in the  fight against various crimes. It is headed by the Chief Secretary and staffed by both police and civilians.  
  • The General Assembly is the governing body that gathers all the countries to make decisions once a year. 
  • In each country, Interpol’s National Central Bureau (NCB) acts as a central point of contact between the General Secretariat and other NCBs. 
  • The national central bank is managed by national law enforcement agencies and usually operates within the  ministry responsible for policing. 

Indian record 

  • India joined Interpol in 1949.  
  • CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) is the national central office of Interpol in India and coordinates all international police cooperation requests from Indian law enforcement agencies through Interpol channels.  
  • India will host the 90th Interpol General Assembly in Delhi in 2022. Interpol’s first report on global crime trends was released at the Delhi session. 

Interpol reports 

  • Interpol notices are international requests for cooperation or alerts that allow national police  to share critical crime-related information. 
  • The notices are published by the General Secretariat at the request of the National Central Office and are  available to all our Member States.

Source: The Hindu

Practice question:

Q. What is the main function of INTERPOL’s General Secretariat?
  1. Drafting International Laws
  2. Coordinating International Police Cooperation
  3. Conducting Criminal Investigations
  4. Managing Border Security
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