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2025 the year of Quantum Science

Syllabus: Science and Technology [GS Paper-3]


On June 7, 2024, the United Nations officially recognized 2025 as the International Year for Quantum Science and Technology, a significant milestone in highlighting the importance of quantum science and technology in driving innovation and societal advancements. This declaration serves as a pivotal moment in enhancing awareness about the impact of quantum science on technological advancements. 2025 also holds special significance as it commemorates the 100th anniversary of the establishment of quantum mechanics, providing a fitting occasion to celebrate the pivotal role of quantum science in driving progress in various fields.

Objective of IYQ

  • The primary use of reference to IYQ is to generate a greater appreciation for people’s efforts towards enhancing quantum science and the utilization of its findings.
  • The World Bank engages in this initiative to strengthen national capacities in core science, education for development toward nations with scarce resources.
  • Also, IYQ aims to promote interaction and sharing information between nations, universities, and international scientific societies, as well as scientists and inventors who work in the sphere of quantum science and practicance.

Importance of Quantum Science and Technology

  • Quantum science and quantum technology are capable of providing even more boosts to developing sustainability as well as international connectivity and information sharing.
  • A topical issue for quantum science is that it could advance in various species since these could lead to development of technologies in ageing, renewable energy, medicine, and protection.
  • From the above examples, it is clear that quantum science and technology can also provide solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in today’s world such as global warming, water shortages and imaging in medicine and other fields.

Initiatives and Events

  • The IYQ consortium will coordinate and develop public events and installments events, engagements, and programming to honour quantum science and learning.
  • These events are expected to forge scientific collaborations that will enhance the learning and research experience of LMIC students and academics as well as promote the recruitment and development of diverse quantum leaders.

Global Support

  • The concept has received endorsement from the American Physical Society, the German Physical Society, and the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics.
  • It was approved in November 2023 at the session of UNESCO General Conference as a preparation to an actual official statement by the United Nations General Assembly.
  • The resolution was passed by the UNESCO General Conference in November 2023, as a preparation for the actual and final pronouncement of the United Nations General Assembly.


The declaration of 2025 as the International Year of Quantum Science and Technology is a significant step towards recognizing the importance of quantum science and technology in driving innovation and sustainable development. The initiative has the potential to inspire the next generation of scientists, promote international cooperation, and address pressing societal issues. As the world comes together to celebrate IYQ, we can expect significant advancements in quantum science and technology that will shape the future of humanity.

Source: The Hindu

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